Thank you for your interest in becoming a Non-Medical Homemaker, Companion and Medwaiver Provider.

Attached please find all applications and required documents to become an APD Medwaiver and Private Pay  Homemaker/Companion Provider.

To Begin, there are two (2) different applications contained in this email, Medwaiver thru APD and Private Pay Homemaker/Companion through AHCA. 



First steps now is the following:

  1. Print up the APD  MEDWAIVER SOLO and/or AGENCY checklists  and for AHCA Homemaker/Companion.

  2. Gather all these required documents.

  3. Print the APD  Letter of Intent and Email to your Local District Offices.  Check here to find your APD LOCAL DISTRICT OFFICES

  4. Go to APD TRAIN and create user profile  to take classes (HIPAA, Zero Tolerance, etc.)

  5. Print up the AHCA Homemaker/Companion Application and Addendum and complete.

  6. Go to to begin setting up business name, EIN, LLC, etc.

  7. Begin All Applications. Call/text or email anytime with any questions you may have.


Let’s start with Medwaiver as that is the bulk of these attachments.

(All links mentioned below are included as PDF attachments in this email.)

Steps for Applying as an APD iBudget Waiver Provider


Applicants who do not currently have an “APD General” line item eligibility determination in the AHCA Background Screening Clearinghouse

will submit an APD Letter of Intent to their APD regional “intent” email inboxes.  Click here for the Letter of Intent and e-mail instructions. 

The applicant will register in the Background Screening Clearinghouse portal at this link after 5-10 business days have passed following submission of the Letter of Intent.

After properly registering in the Clearinghouse, applicants will then follow the instructions to arrange for fingerprinting from an eligible Clearinghouse-authorized Livescan Vendor. Please click here for more information on Background Screening

After the applicant has all of the proper Background screenings completed, they may complete the APD iBudget provider enrollment application that pertains to them. The application(s) may be found on the document page of the website.  Note: there are checklists for required documents that aid in the application process on the document page

The applicant shall submit the completed application, along with background screening results to your regional provider enrollment specialist. Note: APD will not accept an application that is incomplete or does not have the appropriate Background Screening results printout included in the packet.  Use the included Policies & Procedures and be sure to update with your specific business name once you formally secure it through Sunbiz.

If APD determines that the applicant is eligible to render waiver services, APD will issue the provider applicants a draft version of the iBudget Provider Service Listing Letter.  

Upon receipt of the draft iBudget Provider Service Listing Letter, the provider must complete the Medicaid Provider Application in the Provider Enrollment Wizard. Please visit the AHCA Website to access the enrollment portal.  At that time, applicants will need to upload the draft version of the iBudget Provider Service Listing Letter as documentation to Medicaid that APD has determined the applicant eligible to be a waiver provider. 

After reviewing your Medicaid application, required documents, and Medicaid background screening results, Medicaid will issue a determination. If approved, Medicaid will then issue the applicant a Medicaid Welcome Letter, which will include a Medicaid Provider ID number.

Applicants will provide a copy of their Medicaid Welcome Letter to their Regional Provider Enrollment Specialist.

To finalize the waiver enrollment process, applicants will need to sign a Medicaid Waiver Services Agreement (MWSA) with APD.

Providers may render services through the APD iBudget Waiver once they receive their Service Authorizations from Waiver Support Coordinators.

Links with relevant information for provider enrollment:

Developmental Disabilities Handbook : The Agency for Persons with Disabilities’ Rule Handbook, also known as the iBudget Waiver Handbook.

iBudget Waiver Handbook FAQ

iBudget Waiver Handbook FAQ #2

Medicaid Provider General Handbook:  In addition to the iBudget Waiver Handbook, providers are also subject to the requirements set forth in the Medicaid Provider General Handbook.

Enrollment Application | Florida Medicaid Web Portal

Florida Medicaid Web Portal All applicants who are operating business under a fictitious name or corporation must be registered with SunBiz.


Next, let’s discuss the second license in this package, the AHCA Homemaker/Companion License. This is the license required to bill private pay services, including respite, meal assistance, running errands, assisting with medical appointments, etc.

  1. Click on the file, “Application Checklist Homemaker Companion Services Provider AHCA.     

      2. Print this out and Review.

      3. Click on the file, “HealthCare Licensing Application Homemaker/Companion Services AHCA”

      4. Print this out and Complete.

      5. Print all documents/applications, include any licensing fees, and mail to the corresponding address.


The third application included in this email is for Medicare Enrollment.

 Click on the file, “CMS855A Medicare Provider Enrollment” Print and Complete.


That’s it! Now it may seem overwhelming, but it is a one time enrollment process. The State and Federal Govt need to make sure they are licensing reliable and professional providers, so naturally it may feel frustrating. We can help!

If you need assistance with starting your business entity, you can go to and they will take care of Sunbiz as well as all other business filings. It is overseen by attorneys and accountants, so you can trust their work when setting up your company.


Once you are certified, we can assist with building your caseload by creating a mail list of referral sources who matter most to your agency. As discussed, one loyal doctor or support coordinator can do more for your business than hundreds of loyal patients. Doctors and their staff should be the first and primary focus of your marketing efforts, but healthcare providers have little help when it comes to advertising specifically to these special groups. This is one of many referral sources you can work with immediately upon licensure, not to mention nursing homes, Independent Living Centers, group homes, Hospitals, rehab clinics, etc!

If you would like to discuss this more in depth, as well as other marketing insights within this niche industry, feel free to mention it anytime.


Thanks again for your business. Have a great week!




Blayn Press, MS